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Best Body Scrub for All Skin Types / Epsom Salt based

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We offer the best body scrub because it is 100 percent natural, it keeps your skin moiturized all day long, no lotion is needed after you use our product ( guaranteed), it improves the look, feel, quality of your skin after the first time you use it, we use ingredients that 90% of the population is difficient in, it smells delicious, we give you free shipping, and its homemade in the USA. Our product is superior to other products and results are experienced after immediate you.

In Short we give you Spa in a jar at a fraction of the cost. The body scrubs can be used for daily use for normal to dry skin. It offers immediate relief to the following conditions:

  • Psoriasis
  • Eczema
  • Itchy skin
  • Rashes
  • Sensitive skin
  • Inflammed skin
  • Normal skin that needs exfoliation and moisturization.

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How to clean your skin?

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Most people think of skin as clean after using soap. Well folks here is the bad news. Most soaps are full of chemicals and don’t actually clean your skin. Instead they clog pores, add film to skin, and leave skin dry. Unless you are investing in a 100 percent natural product without chemicals your skin is not clean! Here are the steps to cleaning your skin.

  1. Recognize what is clean skin –it looks clear, it is soft to touch and it smells great. It has an ongoing radiant glow. When babies enter the world their skin is clean and clear for a reason; no chemicals were used while getting ready to enter the world.
  2. Use products meant to clean and alkalize skin such as baking soda, pure vinegar diluted with distilled water, organic sulfur or a 100 percent natural salt body scrub.
  3. Wash in lukecwarm and sometimes cold water for a boost to your skin, energy and immunity.
  4. Use steam rooms along with natural salt based body scrubs to clean skin and exfoliate skin while nourishing skin.
  5. Never put lotions containing chemicals on your skin. It directly impacts how the skin looks, feels, ages, and reactes to the environment.
  6. Use products that include nutrients and essential minerals such as Sulfur and Magnesium. These two minerals provide the life support to youthful looking skin.
  7. Treat your skin like you treat your food. If it doesnt make your skin feel great upon using it and offer an added benefit that you likely feel and see Stop Using It.

Your skin is your largest organ. Take care of it so that it can take care of you!

Happy Mother’s Day

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What Happens When Facebook Disables Your Account, offers no resolution and fails to respond to the information you send to them to verify your identity.

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I’ve lost valued connections, my advertising campaign is in limbo, and I’m questioning why I trusted them in the first place.

Go to the personal profile of Mikios NaturalBodyScrub. Account not found.

Sometime in the night between Thursday and Friday of last week, Facebook shut down my account. I was presented with the following message:

Verify your identity. I had to send in a copy of my drivers license. Now the message reads we will review the documentation and get back to you if further information is needed. Learn more about our policies and how to tell us if you think we made a mistake. Yet my account remains disabled, there is no way to access it and there is no way to call Facebook and speak to anyone. The use of their online resources to submit a statement is ” useless”.

I suspect that this is the result of retaliation after posting information regarding black Presidents before Barack Obama.  (See last photo attached to this article, resources follow). Perhaps someone reported my account and considers this abuse. This is all it took for Facebook to question my account, shut it down and dismantle 8 years of contacts, social media online reputation, and online business networks. I sent in a drivers license ( to verify who i am) and never received a response from Facebook. I continue to check and the account is frozen.

A few notes about me, for background:

I’m an easy person to fact-check. I run Mikios Natural Body Scrub LLC and have been on Facebook since 2011. My personal account ( disabled) was named Mikios NaturalBodyScrub and the business account was named Mikios Natural Body Scrub for over 8 years.

Now i am completely locked out of my account after 8 years of building contacts, making connections, and building up a positive reputation.

Could Facebook not know who I am?

No. They know my age. They know my residential history. They know my phone number, which I have had for over 10 years. They know my birthdate, school, and friends list. They’ve been tracking IP addresses for quite awhile and use that to determine my approximate location (no, you do not have to enable app-based location reporting for this; your computer’s IP address is enough to get an approximate location — for example, the IP of our cable modem reports as a village a few minutes away from us.) Because I am an advertiser, they know pertinent information to verify who i am. Furthermore if the new policy is to change the personal account to your actual name this should not cause you to be shutdown, you should simply submit a license as i have done and change the name to your actual name while continuing to administer your business account.

At this point, my only hope is in getting Facebook’s attention by sharing my story. I hate doing this but Facebook is unresponse and offers no other information other than they are reviewing my information. So, if you’ve read this far, I have a few requests:

  1. Seriously question using Facebook for advertising campaigns or pages, unless you have a backup account with the authority to access the campaigns/pages. The fact that a personal account can so easily be shut down is the Achilles heel of their platform. This is a huge weakness that they need to fix if they want their advertising platform to be taken seriously.
  2. Do not trust them. Get backup contact information for your friends. Save photos and anything important on your computer. Anyone with an ax to grind can report your profile, and some moron deep in the belly of the Facebook beast flips a switch to kill your account. If you value it at all, either do not entrust it to Facebook or at minimum retain copies on your local computer.
  3. Share my story. I know, this is selfish of me. But I have basically no hope of getting my account back without spreading this story. I know you’re constantly asked to share sob stories on social media, and as sob stories go this isn’t even the best one. But if this ridiculousness could happen to someone as easy to identify as me, it sure as hell could happen to you and your friends. I’d really appreciate it if you could boost my message a bit.

Thanks, and good luck,

T. Bohler, owner of Mikios Natural Body Scrub LLC

Resources: (Regarding Black Presidents Before Barack Obama)



-Book: Amazon Six Black Presidents: Black Blood –

-Video on Black USA Presidents:

-Book: Five Negro Presidents (1965)




Copper is the New Gold; It is beautiful, durable, medicinal and so very bold.

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Mikios Natural Body Scrub and Accessories

Screen Shot 2018-12-24 at 6.11.06 PMCopper is the new gold.

It is great for the young and old;

It is powerful, durable and beautiful,

It is used for so many purposes and very medicinal;

Look around at all of the places that copper lives– its in washers,

Check out the TV, Radio, Statue of Liberty, computers, Phones, Pots, Utensils, IUD and even dryers;

Copper, the first metal to be used by humans,  has been used for as long as we can remember by many civilizations,

Screen Shot 2018-10-30 at 4.58.12 PM.png

  • Mesopotamia, circa 4500 BC
  • Egypt, circa 3500 BC
  • China, circa 2800 BC
  • Central America, circa 600 AD
  • West Africa, circa 900 AD

Screen Shot 2018-12-24 at 5.55.20 PM

And don’t forget those great pyramids built by Egypt….copper was used then for plumbing by the Egyptians;

Did you know that the EPA has much to say about the power of copper today?

Extensive laboratory testing has proven that Copper  is antibacterial (continuously killing bacteria), and safe to…

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Stop Covering up Your Pretty Face; We Want To See you as Your Are!

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Mikios Natural Body Scrub and Accessories

Have you noticed how the application of makeup has turned into an art show gone wrong? What ever happened to showing off the face that you were gifted with at birth? When did the application of makeup go from minimally accenting your face and bringing out your best features to coloring the face an entire different color, creating eyes that really don’t exist and creating curves and colors that depart from the very essence of you? Furthermore, ingredients in the makeup that is being promoted on main stream media, can have a negative impact on your health. According to the study conducted by the American Congress of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ACOG), toxic environmental chemicals are a threat to human reproduction and there may be differential vulnerability by life stage or social position.  See study (click). Overall,  women of color are impacted disproportionately by environmental chemical exposures. Compared with…

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Skin Care Tips

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Mikios Natural Body Scrub and Accessories

Skin Care is important because your skin, (the largest organ in the body), is your body’s first and primary line of defense against germs, bacteria, viruses, disease, and environmental intruders. The way you care for your skin determines how your skin looks, when it wrinkles and at what rate it ages. Many say that it is gene related, however, even a person with great genes who does not care for the skin will see some aging results.

As we age, our skin changes. Moisturizing skin with nutrient rich natural ingredients is so very important in the aging process.As we age, skin becomes thinner, sensitive to product ingredients and materials, loses fat, and no longer looks as plump and smooth as it once did. Veins and bones can be seen more easily. Cuts, bruises, scratches, or bumps may take longer to heal. Years of sun tanning may lead to dry skin…

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